Ellen and Elizabeth are the youngest daughters of 10 kids from a small town in Central Illinois. Yes, we are part Irish. Yes, we are catholic. And so much more. The so much more part includes Bohemians, French Canadians, Germans, Quakers, Mayflower Descendants, English Nobility, poor, rich, troubled, etc. You get the picture. In our quest to figure out the so much more part, we stumbled into a deep passion for family history.

It all started many years ago when we made our annual visit to our ancestors gravesites in Chicago. We were pretty embarrassed that we didn't know where the burial locations were, and how some of these people buried in the same grave were related to us. Let the journey begin.

Fast forward 3 months later, and we were on our first hunt for clues to our Irish ancestors in Connecticut. We spent a week driving around the back roads, visiting as many small town courthouses, historical societies and libraries in our quest to fill out the branches in our family tree.

A short time later, we found ourselves in Salt Lake City, and in no time at all, mastered the LDS library. There was no turning back now! We were and continue to be hooked, no matter whose family tree we are working on. There's nothing like looking for clues for a few weeks, then to finally stumble upon your husband's great grandfather's patent for a hammer or your grandmother's adoption papers. Those are the greatest moments.

Most times, when working on trees for clients, it's hard to remember we are not even related to these people!

It's now a full-fledged addiction and we couldn't be happier to help our clients...

Ellen and Elizabeth

Surnames we are currently researching:
  • Anderson
  • Barron
  • Barry
  • Benz
  • Bleckenberg
  • Brozicek
  • Burgard
  • Carey
  • Connelly / Conneelly
  • Cook
  • Corbeil
  • Corbett
  • Crevier
  • Curley
  • Dargie
  • Del Genio
  • Dempsey
  • Driscoll
  • Dunne
  • Giroux
  • Grenier
  • Hagerty
  • Haley
  • Heffernan
  • Hester
  • Hicks
  • Honomichl
  • Hogan
  • Kelly
  • Kiely
  • King
  • Knight
  • Krystufek
  • LeBeau
  • Lemerise
  • Lindeman
  • Ludolph
  • McDermott
  • Menousek
  • Moe
  • Mulhern
  • Naughton
  • Nitz
  • O'Brien
  • O'Connor
  • Pease
  • Peroutka
  • Regan / Reagan
  • Rochon
  • Ryan
  • Slansky
  • Tucker
  • Underwood
  • Venovich
  • Wagner
  • Walton

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