Ancestry Sisters Genealogy 
Chicago genealogy

Ellen and Elizabeth are the hard-working genealogists known as Ancestry Sisters.  From basic to complex jobs, we work for families around the world. 

With our years of experience and credentials throughout the US, Ancestry Sisters conducts genealogy research for clients anywhere in the U.S., Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, Europe and beyond. 

Affordably priced, we are often less than half of what large genealogy companies charge, and you can hire us for projects big or small as we do not have a minimum fee.

In addition to building detailed ANCESTRY TREES for families, we specialize in: 

  • solving ADOPTIONS 
  • reviewing DNA matches 
  • locating VITAL RECORDS
  • researching CHURCH RECORDS
  • retrieving records at the FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY 
  • helping individuals apply for DUAL CITIZENSHIP 
  • applying to the DAR and MAYFLOWER SOCIETY 
  • locating MISSING HEIRS
  • pinpointing an ancestor’s exact town of birth.  

We are tenacious and thorough, which is why Law Firms and Private Investigators from around the world have hired us in locating missing heirs.  We have also helped edit a fictional story about an adoption for a famous Irish author.  And currently, we are wrapping up a 4-year project with former producers of the show "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE".  This project included extensive research in the US, Ireland and Eastern Europe (Russia/Ukraine).

Our unique personal experience even includes the discovery of our Mayflower ancestors, and finding the birth parents of our adopted grandmother in Chicago circa 1900. 

We’d like to help you as well!  Give us your research goal, tell us about your mystery, and we’ll go to work solving it for you.

  • Ancestry Sisters are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists