Local and Global Genealogy Research


Patrick S. - Ann Arbor, MI

Several years ago, my wife and I began a quest to understand where we came from and how we got here.  We started with some information from our parents based on oral records.  As time passed, it became clear that I needed professional help to make real progress, especially with a trip to Ireland looming in a few months off. I went with the Ancestry Sisters because of their knowledge of Chicago and Irish records as well as their knowledge of French Canadian records.


Elizabeth is my Ancestry Sister.  She was able to find information about 5 branches of my Irish family.  With her help, we find the Townlands where three of the lines came from.  She also made it possible for us to find the farm my relatives had in County Sligo, where we also met my family’s neighbors. In addition, when Elizabeth and Ellen went to Quebec, they made a pilgrimage to my Great Grandparents home town and took photos of the cemetery. She also helped us find information about a long lost branch of my wife’s family

As I move into branches of our family that she doesn’t specialize in, she helped guide me through the process of finding a genealogist that can help us.  Elizabeth is thorough, thoughtful, timely and reasonably priced.  What started out as a professional relationship, became a partnership and now feels like a friendship. Thank you, Elizabeth, for being a partner and friend in our family quest.

Gerald & Jane P. - Aurora, Illinois  

This source of genealogy research is the best I have found in 10 years. They work fast and efficient and are very reasonable about what they charge. I have spent thousands with other researchers in the last ten years and Ancestry Sisters have done much more for far less. They are a five-star genealogy researcher.

Jason - Indiana
I came to Ancestry Sisters for help after I had found my birth mother via Ancestry DNA and was getting nowhere with searching for my birth father on my own. (My birth mother refused to tell me who my birth father was.) Unlike my birth mother DNA matches, I was basically only working with the distant relative connections on from my DNA test, which was very confusing and I was unable to piece it together by myself. Ancestry Sisters worked their magic and in about a day they were able to build out my family tree that gave me the name of my birth father (later verified by my birth mother), even though it was a very complex tree to build based on multiple marriages of previous generations. I don’t know exactly how they do it but I highly recommend Ancestry Sisters if you are lost, stuck or just plain needing help.

Barb - Kansas
Ancestry Sisters helped me find my birth mom through DNA testing and created my family tree on the Ancestry website. After contacting my half-siblings, I have now met my birthmother's family. Ellen at Ancestry Sisters is thoughtful, encouraging, and helped me through my doubts and concerns or I may never have had the courage to connect to my newly found relatives. I can never thank her enough! Sincerely, Barb

William - Brooklyn, NY
I’ve recently returned from traveling to Wisconsin and Michigan where I met with a half sister on my father's side and four half siblings from my mother's side. It is thru your efforts that I was able to communicate with them, and thru your suggestion that I had DNA testing done at FTDNA which led to finding a living sister and an uncle. These discoveries have enriched my life and I hope those of my half siblings. Thank you.

Mary Louise K. - Chicago, Illinois

My father was adopted at birth in 1932, it has taken me several years to try and track down any information regarding his birth parents. When the Illinois adoption laws changed, my father requested his original birth certificate in 2012. He was disappointed to find that only his mother's name was listed. His father was listed as `unknown`. Ellen, was able to identify the probable candidate of his birth father, within 48 hours. We worked together to piece together my father's parents life and discovered my father had an older brother. In June 2016 my sister and I traveled to Michigan to meet my father's brother's three surviving daughters. It was a joyous occasion. Ellen was our genealogical quarterback for four months. With her guidance we were able to track down all leads. Ellen was complete in all aspects of the search and was firm with us that we take the genealogical tests to confirm our relationship as first cousins because, `adoptions are very difficult to confirm`. We complied and were confirmed as first cousins. My goal was to give my 84 year old father some peace and closure on his life. The journey to identify his birth parents has provided that vehicle. My sister and I are very, very grateful to Ellen for all her hard work and dedication. She was truly amazing. Thank You Ellen!

Peggy M. - Georgia
Ellen has been amazing with my quest. As an adoptee trying to prove my true lineage is a most difficult journey. Thank you, Ellen, for being so dedicated to my quest. You have already uncovered some amazing facts, including my maternal grandfather's puzzle. What a journey indeed.

Professor Laura H. - Chicago, Illinois
I found Ancestry Sisters after searching through accreditation websites, since their accreditation was important to me. However, once you use that filter and find someone who has the appropriate area of expertise, how do you know whom to use? Ellen was sensitive to our family’s private matters, and investigated the information with a determination as if it involved people very close to her. She was creative and innovative in her process and as excited as I was when we uncovered another kernel of data about our past. On top of everything else, she is wonderfully responsive which, when one is breathlessly awaiting each tidbit of news, can be the tipping point in my decision about which genealogist to choose. I want someone who cares about this search almost as much as I do, and Ellen makes you feel as if she shares your excitement with each click of an email. Working with Ellen of the Ancestry Sisters was not simply a process of doing my family’s genealogy on behalf of some family members, but instead opened new windows of history for me and my family that we did not know would be so easy to unlock. It has been a fun and exciting adventure together.

Jackie P. - New York
Lucky for me that I found the name of an independent research team through the National Archives listings. The Ancestry Sisters were sited as professional genealogists with experience preparing Mayflower Society applications. Ellen, my support, gave me the needed encouragement to begin the search. For many years it had been a family verbal tradition that we were direct descendants of a Pilgrim father who came over on the Mayflower. After sharing my information with Ellen, a search was conducted and it was determined that the tradition was poorly researched and could not be proven. However, after realizing that our family had deep New England roots, she encouraged me to continue the search suggesting another possible route, which proved to be correct. Fortunately, I was given a great leeway for decision making in regards to the time and cost involved. I know that she found the search interesting and did not bill me for all of her effort. Furthermore, information was exchanged in a timely fashion. Also, I had confidence that a great deal of wisdom was behind the direction taken and that the research was supported by reliable sources that Ellen had in her possession through many valuable contacts. The process turned out to be fun! The NY State Society has forwarded my application to the national Mayflower Society and I am hoping for their inclusion shortly. The successful outcome will be my Christmas present to my family. Thank you Sisters for your helpful encouragement. Jacqueline P, Great Grand Daughter X11 of James Chilton.

Dr. Terence K. - Florida
I would like to thank you again for your fine effort in researching my ancestors both in Ireland and the Midwest area. I felt you were very professional in your search both here in the USA and with your contacts in Ireland. Please feel free to use me as a reference for future clients.

Walter D. - California

My maternal grandmother was a wonderful Christian woman born October 1, 1900, in Fulton, Illinois. She played her churches organ every Sunday for more than thirty five years. She told me a sad story she thought was true: her mother, Ethel Lynn, died during her birth. This caused her great pain and worse, she believed that her father apparently could not care for five children with one a newborn. I retained Ancestry Sisters to investigate the facts because this sounded odd to me. It was discovered that her mother, Ethel, became ill with consumption a full five months after my grandmother was born. Her mother's death was unrelated to her birth. A professionally authored and persuasive letter prepared by Ancestry Sisters persuaded the York County Court to release the adoption record (which is routinely a sealed document). The factual revelations Ancestry Sisters discovered gave me the true story behind my grandmother's past, one quite different from the one she died believing. I just wish I had acted before that wonderful Christian woman passed away.

Maura C. - Washington
Because of the advanced age of my mother and her desire to find out more about her father's family, I decided to hire professionals to help me with the dead ends that I had run into in my own family research. The Ancestry Sisters were great! They were professional, thorough, very organized and gave detailed summaries of their work. They were able to find out so much more about my family than I could have on my own. They were great at problem solving and very easy to work with. I am very grateful for their help. We are finally able to solve the mystery origins of my mother's family, and we were able to do so fairly quickly. I highly recommend the Ancestry Sisters.

Jennifer J. - Ohio
Ever since I was young, I've been interested in learning about my ancestors -- who they were, where they lived, how they lived. I'd run into a brick wall, though, with one branch of my family tree. My great-grandmother, Nellie, was adopted. Before she passed away in the mid-1960s, she had tried to locate her birth family, but was unsuccessful. I contacted Ancestry Sisters as a last ditch effort ... and it worked! They linked me to the admissions/discharge records for an orphanage that was located in southern Indiana. Nellie and her adopted father were listed there, as was Nellie's birth grandmother. The orphanage record led to locating a Health Dept. record that confirmed Nellie's 7/4/1886 birthdate and birth location -- we had never known either for certain. The record also listed Nellie's mother's name. I've been able to learn more about my great-grandmother's early life than she even knew herself. I am certain I'd not be able to say that, if not for the help received from the Ancestry Sisters. Thank you!

Marsha T. - Chicago, Illinois
I searched the Association of Professional Genealogists' website to find a professional genealogist. I was looking for someone with knowledge in Chicago and Ireland.  I found the perfect match -- The Ancestry Sisters. I had gathered quite a bit of information on my own, but their ability to find in-depth Chicago information was astounding. Parishes in Chicago are extremely important, as they are in Ireland. They have an excellent understanding of the nuances involved in reviewing Irish information. They were able to gather a great deal of new information and also enhanced the information I already had. This made my family history more complete. But more than that, they helped make my family history richer.

Anita H. - Wisconsin
My great aunt started working on our line back in 1930...we had lots of notes but needed someone to connect the dots and organize our collective data. After Ancestry Sisters pulled it together, we were able to trace one line of our decedents back to the Mayflower. We had a need for a quick turnaround too since my aunt who wanted to have family information documented is 92. It is great working with them, they feel more like family than researchers because they love what they do and and care about their customers. They are as excited as I am when their research uncovers new information.

Katie R. - California
Wanted to thank you guys for the stellar job you did for me. I really got the bang for my buck and I have a couple projects that I'm now considering getting your help with. You both were polite, did exceptional work--you were so helpful and you assisted me in breaking through the brick wall I had going on.

Gail H. - British Columbia, Canada
Can you imagine how hard it would be to find your grandmother, an unwed mother at the age of 17 in 1924 Boston? My father was given up for adoption and I had been searching for his birth family for a few years. I had found a few details, however couldn't put everything together, didn't know if I had the right information and didn't know where to look for the rest of the information. I found the Ancestry Sisters and they have completed the search for me. Within a couple of weeks of contacting Ancestry Sisters, I now know where my great grandparents came from in Ireland, that my grandmother married and had three more children and I have eleven cousins! Ancestry Sisters provided all this information so quickly with documents to back up their finds. I will definitely use the services of Ancestry Sisters again.

Kerry A. - California
I had been searching for my Irish ancestors but had hit a wall when it came to finding many of them. I called upon Ancestry Sisters for help, and they quickly found my great grandfather...and he had 9 siblings!. They sent me detailed information and copies of supporting documents. Their work was professional, thorough, and fast. I especially appreciated the frequent communication as they worked. Some services are quick to accept your money, but you may wait months wondering if they are working on your case. I will definitely be using Ancestry Sisters again.

Kay M. - Illinois
After unsuccessfully searching for my Irish relatives I came in contact with AncestrySisters. What had taken over a year to get small bits and pieces of my ancestors, took these sisters less than a week to find a wealth of information for me. They found missing siblings of my great-grandmother, census records, birth and death records, just to name a few. These girls are worth their weight in gold!